Monday, November 29, 2010

did have some time.....

holiday now at home..make me have a very loooooot of freeeee time.
yeah,bored make me read all the old comics book i have....feel young again when i read all the comic.....i can remember how hard i want to buy a comic book back then,when i was kid(mestilah mase kecik)

here some trivia about my comic life:

  1. start read comic at age 10 (standard 4 tuwww)
  2. my one and only brother introduce comic book to me
  3. first comic i had read was Detective Conan vol.1
  4. buy comic secretly from parent(takut kena marah)
  5. sooo miskin mase tu,duit g skool 0.50 cents only kena ikat perut sbab komik
  6. after a year with conan i was meet komik remaja
  7. need to ikat perut more.....
  8. as time goes by,shelf full with comic
  9. parent give their blessing for us to read comic and support us with a money of course
  10. all my siblings addict to comic start i was 13 till now....
  11. my bro and i stop buying a comic now,our younger generation takes place
  12. really obses and really want go to japan because of comic
  13. hate malaysian comic that "ciplak" japan comic (hey,try came with ur own ideas)
  14. parent support us more now because their realize one thing,with comic we became a very good child that did not go 'merayau-rayau' and easy to get culture shock because we really stick wit our comic 'pegangan' 
thah is some of trivia about my comic life...nonsense isn't it,but i love it really love it

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