Friday, August 20, 2010

paDDy fielD....

"nasi lemak,nasi ayam,nasi beriani...." all so nice...when we start to eats we start to eat more and more.but do we know how to produce rice that we eat more and really hard actually start from the seed untill it grow.oh god...who knew that i will do all the thing.luckily my course here make me do that.i quiet sure this is my first and last time in my entire life to go into the "sawah".ERGHHHHHH!!!!! i really need go to the spa after go into the "sawah',especially for my nail.i want do a manicure....but, i got few thing that i will remember till forever;

  1. i go into the "sawah"
  2. i plant a paddy
  3. i sacrifice my skin and nail to get into the "sawah"
  4. i drive a thing called 'kabota' (i didn't know it real name)
  5. i really impressive with all people that work in "sawah"
  6. i gonna appreciate to all the petani now!!!!

One thing that i know is,i realize that tagline 'Sebutir Beras Ibarat Setitik Peluh Petani' is really cool.......  

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