Sunday, August 22, 2010

why crying?????

well,i just search video in youtube 'bout super junior and at their concert heechul-shii was crying really hard.
Super Junior 3rd album promo-sorry sorry (now they had their 4th album-BONAMANA)

OMG!!!!it really shock me,and the reasons for him crying is unknown....emmm..... crying is really something strange.why i say like this...look when we sad we cry..happy we cry and sometimes angry we also tears form actually,in biology from what i learn tears will form when our brain got a stimuli from what we feel,brain will send signal to our eye gland and mineral in eye gland will starts to fill up the eye and when it too much of will become tear that falling down and that we called cry.owh what the nonsense i was talking right now...forget about that.what i wonder is only how we feel so sad and crying really hard..erghhh.........i can't think about that (had i lost my sense?????)

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